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Managed Services

Market Sectors

Cost effective recruitment solutions that deliver temporary or permanent workforce solutions with minimal investment and burdening of internal resources. 

Recruitment Process Insourced Solutions (RPI)

Our solution provides a flexible option to deliver talent (temporary or permanent personnel) in conjunction with the client’s in-house HR and Talent Acquisition teams

Recruitment Process Outsourced Solutions (RPO)

We partner with our clients to design a robust recruitment process that fits their unique needs which is delivered by our experienced and knowledgeable RPO Team.

Vendor Managed Services / Managed Service Provider (VMS/MSP)

We streamline the recruitment process by centrally managing our client’s supply chain and work with vendors to ensure their success by:

  • Managing the entire recruitment process, 

  • Implementing a technology platform (as needed), 

  • KPI Driven performance management 

  • Ensuring only the best candidates are delivered to our clients

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